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January 02, 2005

Year of the Rooster

I went to my favorite Chinese restaurant earlier this week and found out that I was a cock. No, really! I was born in the year of the Rooster (1969). I also found out that the year of the Rooster is coming around again and that 2005 (on the Chinese Calendar) begins on 2/9/2005.

Soon it will be my year --my year!

According to various Chinese calendars (literally, calendars you get from Chinese restaurants (I collect them)) Roosters are very loyal individuals. They do not like dishonesty or mockery of any sort. They are blunt, up front and honest people and expect those around them to be the same. Roosters are happiest when others surround them, at a party or just a social gathering. They even enjoy the spotlight and will exhibit their charisma and wit in a minute. This star quality can be overbearing, for a Rooster expects you to listen to him while he speaks and can become agitated if you don't. Roosters do have a tendency to brag about themselves and their achievements and demand an attentive audience when doing so. The Rooster is a flamboyant personality, feisty and obstinate. He is quite the extrovert who loves to strut his stuff and is proud of whom he is. Outwardly confident, the Rooster is also a trustworthy, hardworking individual. He'll tell it like it is with no qualms or reservations.

Apparently, the characteristics of the Rooster are tempered by one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth overlaying a 5-year cycle of characteristics on the original 12-year cycle. Since I was born in 1969 that makes me an EARTH ROOSTER.

An Earth Rooster is overtly organized. He is a little reserved and quite careful in his decision-making. These Roosters are hard workers as well, and can handle several tasks at once. They are detail-oriented who are quite efficient and self-sufficient. They take on responsibility without a cause and are motivated only in wanting to be successful. Sometimes they can be abrasive with colleagues if work is not up to their standards. This can cause resentment, so the Earth Rooster must be careful in his approach of his point of view, being sure to be honest and still kind.

The Rooster's Western Counterpart is the Virgo. I already knew that. I'm not a horoscope fanatic or anything but did know my sign. What I didn't know is that being a VIRGO ROOSTER also has an impact on my personality. Virgo Roosters are logical, equipped to handle tasks others may turn away. They are overtly detail-oriented, sometimes annoyingly so. They can be critical and mistakenly mean if they do not choose their words carefully.

In other words, I am a cock. My wife was right after all!

Research for the following entry can be found at U.S. Bridal Guide and China Pages.


Anonymous said...

I on the other hand, am a PIG!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Get out of the way, one metal cock coming through.

mike said...

I'm with you...a little too much it would seem :)

I'm 35, Virgo, and an Earth Rooster...

I stopped in through Blog Explosion, and yes stayed longer than my required 30 seconds - I enjoyed browsing through your grey matter.

lucky number said...

This Chinese New Year begins on the 9th February 2005. It is the year 4702 – Year of the Rooster, the 10th in the Chinese zodiac cycle. More precisely, the element which is prominent this year is Wood, and as such it is the Year of the Wood Rooster (also sometimes referred to as the Green Rooster.

According to the Chinese zodiac, Roosters are meticulous and organised, faithful to friends and very family oriented whilst honest, outspoken and sometimes blunt. They also have a keen eye for detail making them great lawyers, doctors and scientists. Therefore, this year we will experience many traits of the Rooster.

Celebrating the New Year with family and friends is a very ‘rooster’ thing to do. We can expect scientific achievements and creative projects this year; planning is essential to a great year.

Anonymous said...

I am a Virgo, Earth Rooster. I have a mental health problem!! Lol!

Christina said...

This is cool!