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January 09, 2005

Lava for Sale

This is the Lava Lamp that my kids wanted for Christmas. They were disappointed when they found out that it didn't actually hold Lava.


Last Girl On Earth said...

Hey Max, tell your kids that a Lava Lamp is the koolest of kools. The hippest of hips. And isn't it nice that all the little lava makers are still around to make more Lava Lamps for kids of future generations! My Lava Lamp is one of my prize possessions!

mutecow said...

howdy max! thanks for coming by my blog today. too bad about your lava lamp adventure. if i had some lava i'd give it too ya! thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Drop it on ebay, then use the proceeds to buy some lava soap--or one of those callus scrapers made from cooled lava.

Anonymous said...

i had always been intrigued by lava lamps and now we have 2 that are about 1 and a half feet high of different colours and one that is a little night light :)