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May 31, 2006

Grief Eater

This image is entitled "Grief Eater".

Grief Eaters

Pudgy little demons
suck on the corner
of her eyes
and feed on the tears
her soul refused
to let flow.

they will gorge
and fall
back into hell.

They become
moist tidbits
for thirsty masters
that have long since
forgotten the
necessity of sorrow.

May 20, 2006

Ecstasy of Drowning

Ecstasy of Drowning

When we kiss,
our tongues melt
and drip
from the corners
of our mouths.

We are wet breath
on moist flesh
and rain on each
other until we become
a storm.

The world floods
and we float naked
before the universe
unaware of anything
but the ecstasy
of drowning in each
other’s arms.

May 17, 2006

God is a Mirror

God is a Mirror

When a puppet dangles by one string,
it is easy to confuse it with a noose.

When the puppeteer jerks
too hard,
we find ourselves
falling upward
toward God.

We hover briefly
before the Almighty
almost convinced
of His existence
until we notice
God is merely a mirror
and our own reflection
is staring back.

Gravity prevails
and we watch ourselves fade
as our point of origin
and destination

Viewed at a distance,
we are nothing more
than dark specks
trailing tattered strings
against blue sky
and white clouds
destined to become
bruised flesh
and crimson mist.

Tell me once again
of God... and this
time, try to conceal
the fact you're