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February 05, 2008

Angels Intent on Falling

Bibles with broken spines
and tattooed with coffee stains
sprawl across cluttered tables.

At certain angles, the stains
form infinity
as the eternal words of God,
pass silent judgment
on your morning routine.

...and you're right,
you haven't sold your soul.
--but you have
cashed out some equity
with an option to buy back.

So, don't look surprised
when you can
no longer pay the interest
and find yourself in default.

(Failing God is easy,
in a language where profit
and prophet sound the same.)

Are you an Angel?

I can no longer tell;
I've been here too long.

She leans in,
kisses my neck
and whispers,

"God may be big
but He gets smaller
the further you fall."