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March 19, 2006

Human Sea

This picture is entitled "Wave Runner".

Human Sea

"There are nearly 6.5 billion people on Earth; each one of our bodies carries roughly ten gallons of water. We are a living ocean."

Our essence is wet.

There is an ocean inside
our fragile frames;
it courses through us,
connects us,
and laps against our foundation.

We are merely shores
on which common waves break
--barely contained puddles
with leaky souls.

Navigation to foreign coasts
is a hazard seldom attempted
and rarely attained.

When we dream,
we wade into familiar waters
that have passed
through billions of souls
and float in unison
with strangers
temporarily disregarding

We swallow and are swallowed
thinking ancient thoughts
and forgetting ourselves
until we wade back to shore,
dry off,
and go back to the house
with two oval windows.

March 09, 2006

Kisses My Soul

Picture entitled "Alternate Sappho".

Kisses My Soul

I am currently falling through god. When I hit bottom, hopefully, there will be enough residue left over to rebuild something --maybe something useful this time.

My reflection
leaks from the mirror
as I slip in the
remnants of my soul.

She speaks to me
in a Sunday voice
(the past mixed with
passion and reverence)
and says,

"Let me stain
your tongue
and drip from
the corner of your smile;
swallow me
and make us one."

Drunk on ghosts;
I fall into bliss
only to wake
at sunset
and die with the sun.