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March 09, 2006

Kisses My Soul

Picture entitled "Alternate Sappho".

Kisses My Soul

I am currently falling through god. When I hit bottom, hopefully, there will be enough residue left over to rebuild something --maybe something useful this time.

My reflection
leaks from the mirror
as I slip in the
remnants of my soul.

She speaks to me
in a Sunday voice
(the past mixed with
passion and reverence)
and says,

"Let me stain
your tongue
and drip from
the corner of your smile;
swallow me
and make us one."

Drunk on ghosts;
I fall into bliss
only to wake
at sunset
and die with the sun.

1 comment:

cargwaps said...

amazing poetry. i love the last line especially. if only i had your skill. maybe then i'd be able to write everything down. enough to empty myself of the things that have become to heavy for me. sorry. too sentimental. ^__^ i hope you're doing okay! i love your poems! keep it up max! *hugs*