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May 06, 2010


Even though the funerals
were fabulous,
he mourned suicidal lilac trees.

The fragrance drifted
throughout his synapses
teasing old ghosts
to throw off their nooses
and breathe the pungent scent
deeply into their freeze dried

It never quite worked
and the ghosts
hung themselves
back on their tree
at their impassioned
bid for rebirth.

February 21, 2010

Skipping Hearts

He collected hearts
of stone
in a bucket
and set them
by the water
so strangers
could skip them
on the lake.

Soon the lake
filled with rocks
and the ripples turned
to echoes
that fell on the ears
of deaf devils
plotting to destroy
a world that had
died long ago.

Button Pushing

is the power
to a human
gene splicing machine
that has yet
to be approved
by any regulatory

Thought Boxing

A politician
is a box full of boxes.

Empty packaging
that gives hope of substance
but only delivers
box after box after