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May 31, 2006

Grief Eater

This image is entitled "Grief Eater".

Grief Eaters

Pudgy little demons
suck on the corner
of her eyes
and feed on the tears
her soul refused
to let flow.

they will gorge
and fall
back into hell.

They become
moist tidbits
for thirsty masters
that have long since
forgotten the
necessity of sorrow.

1 comment:

cargwaps said...

wow max! this poem was amazing! with the way we all hide from our feelings, i think perhaps the world must be raising a whole army of grief eaters. you were able to describe exactly how it feels when i keep back tears. you really do have a knack for taking something you see in your mind and painting it out with such vivid words. i love it! kudos! ^___^