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June 04, 2006

Disassembly Required

This picture is entitled "Used Parts".

Disassembly Required

My heaven is not
a solitary streetlight
in the dark cosmic expanse
where dislocated souls
flop eternally against
smudged glass
begging entry
to a highly selective
source of light.

My soul courses
through flesh
and when my body fails,
it will fall into
my mother’s womb
where the blocks
that built me
will be pulled apart
and used to build
something else.

After all,
we are assembled
from used parts
merely loaned to us
for a season.

1 comment:

_Soulless_ said...

I've read the poem before viewing the picture. Quite a shock of a scare there! *grin* That image is sure to be one of my favorites here. ^_^ And the characteristic impact of your words... it never fails to grip me with such force. Sending me tilting, tilting, and falling in awe. ^_^