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January 06, 2005


A co-worker came up to me the other day and said; 'I notice that you have thirteen cents on each side of the entranceway into your office. What is the significance of the number thirteen?"

In a quick response, I stated that the thirteen cents was to ward off bad luck and assholes, but since he (my co-worker) walked through the door, it obviously wasn't working.

We both laughed and then he left.

But the event got me thinking. Why did I put the thirteen cents on both sides of the door? I remember how it started. One day I found a dime on the floor and put it by the door. As time went on, I found some pennies and placed them with the dime until I got thirteen cents. After getting to thirteen, I stopped and purposely got another thirteen cents to put on the other side of the door. I really don't know why.

So what is the significance of the number thirteen? Below are a few significant 13's.

Well, in the King James version of the Bible, the term 'thirteen' is used a few times the first is mentioned below.

The term thirteen first occurs in Genesis 14:4 it reads, "Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and the thirteenth year they rebelled." (Chedorlaomer means servant of the goddess Lagamar.)

Of course, there were a total of thirteen Apostles --if you include Judas and his replacement.

Astronomically, there are thirteen new Moons or thirteen full Moons during every solar year. There are thirteen days of the waxing Moon culminating in the Full Moon on the fourteenth day. There are, in like manner, thirteen days of the waning Moon cycle culminating in what is called Dark Moon (no moon visible in the sky), which is also known as New Moon.

The thirteenth day is the day of rest after the infamous 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.

The 'free' donut in the box that somehow accompanies the other twelve when claiming a dozen in the grocery checkout line.


letti said...

there's the 12 chinese zodiac animals..oh wait, the topic was 13. bleh.

Anonymous said...

I know the co-worker you speak of, and I can confirm that I am an asshole. The important thing is that I admit it.