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June 02, 2005

Spirit Trafficking

This picture is entitled "Devilspeak".

Spirit Trafficking

On nights my tongue thickens
and I sit naked and dumb-eyed
staring at the witches
swimming in her veins,

she curses me, drags my flesh
to the light
and plucks the ghosts
out of my hair.

She gathers them in bowls
while singing lullabies
and when she has enough,
she drowns them in their sleep
with musk and sandalwood oil,
wraps them in pretty fabric
and sells them to tourists
seeking charms to protect themselves
from losing their money.


mashiara said...
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blue rogue said...

i feel like i have just lost a spleen. and that i have offered it, a tribute, an unwilling sycophant's ultimate homage to this irresistable deviltry crawling inside my skin.
max, again...
damn. :)

damaradeaella said...

ironic and delicious... gods i love that photo... blessings...

blue rogue said...

...not at all max, not at all. :)

_Soulless_ said...

That photo made my blood curdle. And this piece makes me want to watch the clots in my veins form. Enh? Did that make sense? Sigh. I read you, and my mind limps.

plucks the ghosts
out of my hair.

Man, your originality astounds me. To no end. ^_^