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June 03, 2005

Stolen Sylph Wings

Stolen Sylph Wings

"Wisps of time
curl between Her lips
like misted breath
on a frosty day."

Sylphs dance on
Her wind-blown kisses
until summer rains
pelt them to the ground.

Frustrated, aroused,
and denied flight,
they roll in mud
with earthbound creatures
until they are satiated
and fall asleep in the arms
of mud-dwellers
awestruck with their enchantment
and myth.

Only when the rain stops
and they wake
groggy-eyed and wingless,
do they realize
they have been caged
by envious men
--jealous of flight,
jumping off cliffs
with pilfered sylph wings
ecstatic with a few moments
of stolen magic
before breaking their
damn necks.


Andrea said...

I have been reading your poems. Congratulations! They are powerful and beautiful.

I will recommend you in my blog to my friends

Thanks! :-)

_Soulless_ said...

This one made me reflect. That is, on the dangerous-to-inanely-dangerous lengths some men will go to... just to experience a coveted high. Hmm... ^_^