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May 29, 2005

A Fear of Rose Water

This picture is entitled, "Angelic".

A Fear of Rose Water

The fine line between
flying and falling
is born in the aftermath
of an unexpected kiss.

Where fallen angels
rend useless wings
from their broken backs
and the disembodied stumps
flop uselessly
amongst oblivious lovers
who lick angelic
blood from tenuous flesh
and stuff pillows
with down that
was crafted directly
by the hands of

She is the breath taken
before a warning.

The pillows become
a grave yard of tears
mixing with the blood
of dead angels
that litter the bedrooms
of the lonely.

She is the picture that
proves god

burning in the ashtray
of a blind man
that has left
too many lovers
dangling at the
end of ropes.

Climbing rose vines
wrap around their ankles
and the winds are
trying to set them free...
but they fail in their intent
and merely serve
to drive the thorns
in deeper.

Their blood trickles down
pinking the water
I serve to my lover.

It tastes of roses,
and a vague sense of loss.

...and soon she falls
into my flesh
and we dance
and kiss
and ruin delicate

but we both know
we are doomed to trip
over dead angels.


_Soulless_ said...

Oh God. I love this. Sigh. I know I have a thing for morbidity in poetry, but man! You take it to a whole new level. If I say you terrify me, would you think it weird? Haha!

Still weak-kneed (literally). Every line is a blow to my senses. Repeated whacks my mind relished. Hah. Oh, and I loved the lines in italics. Particularly this one:

She is the breath taken
before a warning.

Okay, I'm going to reread. Do write more. Please! ^_^

blue rogue said...

...and while tripping, falls flat on one's face. reminiscent of my initial reaction to this poem.
must get up sometime, except that i get reeled back in.

whatnots said...

She is the breath taken
before a warning.

wow. you're a god. teehee.. :)