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May 08, 2005

The Penance of Rebellious Shadows

This picture, entitled Cain's Regret, was specifically created for the poem below.

The Penance of Rebellious Shadows

Pricked, throbbing, and
kissed with fever,
playful shadows
tug at their Gods
'til the flesh slips
from bleached bones.

Frightened shades
(fearful of reprisals)
slip into vacant skin,
wear the sacred meat,
and have delusions
of humanity.

Becoming adept
at fooling flesh,
they live among the divine
and soon realize
the penance for killing a god,
is to become one.


GG said...

Hmm..thought provoking. But is it really a penance to be a God?

Max Bouillet said...

I guess it depends on the type of god. It would be good if you were like Loki, Kokopelli, Eris, etc. But one of the dour God's, overseeing millions, that would be a penance.