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September 11, 2005

Pretty Paper Hearts

Pretty Paper Hearts

She would wrap her heart
in pretty paper
and give it to people
she thought might like her.

But when they unwrapped
the pretty paper,
they would find nothing inside.

She later discovered
that her heart
was the paper
and the act of opening it
also ripped it to pieces.

Before too long,
she decided to keep
her paper heart to herself.
(But her tears made it soggy
and prone to ripping.)

When they found her,
she had drowned
in her apartment
clutching wet paper
filled with old news.


_Soulless_ said...

Drowning in misery over spilled milk. Hmm. ^_^ She reminds me of a young girl in her early teens. Uh-oh. Wait, I think that's a memory bubble on the surface of my mind. Haha.

cargwaps said...

hmm..this one's different from your usual style. still, no matter how you do it, you never cease to amaze me with the power of your words. :)

blue rogue said...


another one. :)

wrapping personal baggages in pretty paper is old news.

but the way it was put here, well..

i drowned.

Max Bouillet said...

You guys are always so supportive of my writing. I don't know how I could possibly say 'thank-you' enough. :)