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December 28, 2005

Disfigured Souls

Disfigured Souls

Disfigured souls
damaged in spiritual transit
are claimed by divine insurance
and shoved in a flesh box
to be sold as is.

Gods on a budget
buy us up without a warranty
(the expectation for failure
is overwhelming)
hoping to get their money's worth
before the inevitable breaking...

and when the 'pending shattered'
finally falter and burst,
we are scolded and beaten
before being cast down to earth
as human debris.

Here we live in a junkyard
of misfits and factory rejects
fumbling failures begging
a second chance from cheap gods
even as we revel in our own
inadequacies just to spite
our creator.


cargwaps said...

i have to be honest max. i laughed after i read this. the truth of it, and somehow the bitterness it echoes inside of me, just makes me want to laugh..long..and hard...really long..really. tsktsktsk. this blog should really come with a warning. ^-^

_Soulless_ said...

I commend your eloquently expressed candor, Max. You are, indeed, a one-of-a-kind poet. Hehe. And, after months of dwelling on your words, I'm proudly still a fan.

the expectation for failure
is overwhelming

Somehow, I find myself echoing such sentiments. ^_^

Jackal said...

The last verse packs a punch!